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Traditional Tabernacles

For a seletion of contemporary tabernacles, click here.

For a selection of aumbries (in-wall tabernacles), click here.

Many models are available in various sizes and/or finishes or can be customized; please inquire.
Every effort is made to maintain correct and current information on size, materials, and prices.
However, all information and pricing is subject to change or correction.
All details will be confirmed when an order is placed.

Tabernacles are offered for sale only to churches and religious institutions.

Most tabernacles are fabricated when the order is placed.
This allows for some customization; it also requires a lead time of 2 - 4 months.

Prices listed do not include customs (if applicable), shipping, or delivery.
These will be calculated when your order is confirmed.
As an item used in worship, tabernacles are not subject to sales tax.

Standard payment terms are 45% deposit; 45% upon completion of fabrication; 10% upon delivery.


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