Dixon Studio offers custom, catalog, and antique statuary.

Custom works, designed and created to your specifications, can be made any size, in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes.

Whether you are looking for a lesser known saint or a contemporary interpretation of a traditional figure, the studio can create a statue specifically suited to your church's architectural style and artistic tastes.

at right:
Custom designed statue of
St. Edward the Confessor
for a church of the same name
in Richmond, Virginia, 2006.
This hand carved statue
stands 8' tall and is mounted
on a marble pedestal
in the commons.

at left: Sculpted crucifix for
St. Catherine Catholic Church
in Orange Park, Florida, 2003

at left:
Ronald Neill Dixon
sculpts the face for the
crucifx shown above left.

The stone finished resin blocks are framed in wood and total over 16' tall.
Surrounding the crucifix are dozens of stained glass angels in windows created by Dixon Studio which separate the main worship space from the daily chapel behind it.

Catalog pieces, from the finest sources in Europe and America, are available in many sizes and materials, hand carved or cast.

Small devotional pieces, life size statues, and works of heroic proportions are available in wood, marble, bronze, and fiberglass in a variety of styles, finishes, and prices.

The studio handles all details of shipping and customs and can deliver and install all statuary.

at left:
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
5' tall statue installed
at St. John Catholic Church
in Virginia Beach, Virginia

at right:
St. Joan of Arc
7.5' tall statue installed 2008
at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church
in Yorktown, Virginia


Dixon Studio works with a wide network of churches, liturgical consultants, and salvage brokers to source quality vintage statuary from closing or renovating churches.

Although not always in pristine condition, the studio can restore antique statues to their original beauty.

Please note that, as with all our products, Dixon Studio sells religious statuary only to churches and religious institutions.

at left:
antique statue of St. Joseph and the Child Jesus
from the same studio (no longer in business)
that created the church's existing Pieta statue.
Sourced and refurbished for San Juan del Rio Catholic Church
in Jacksonville, Florida, 2004


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