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Stations of the Cross

Dixon Studio offers custom and catalog, new and antique stations.

Whether you are looking for a new set or antique, traditional or contemporary, the studio will work with you to find and select the most beautiful and appropriate options.

If you are building or renovating, please inquire about the studio's interior design services to create a master plan which will coordinate and prioritize every element of the worship space.

at right:
one of the antique stations sourced and restored
for St. Edward the Confessor Church in Richmond, Virginia, 2005



Click Here to let us know what you are looking for:

Realistic or contemporary style?

Framed or freeform?

Color? Pastel or rich tones?

Monotone? Finish?

Wood? Plaster? Metal? Mosaic? Fabric?

Large size or chapel size?

at left:
traditional realistic stations in pastel tones

at right:
the same set, shown in monotone metal finish



A picture or description of your church, and any statuary with which the stations should be compatible would be helpful.

We will provide options to suit the church's architecture and interior, as well as the parish budget.


at left:
a contemporary style in stained wood
Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church; Kitty Hawk, NC, 2014



Dixon Studio offers a search service for antique stations, working with a network of diocesan warehouses and vintage brokers in the US and Europe.

at right:
museum quality stations by Daprato Studio, c.1920
42" tall x 30" wide x 14" deep
original paint, excellent condition
Currently available!
Contact the studio for more information.

Click Here
to inquire about any of these sets
or to receive other options via email.


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