Liturgical Consulting Services


Dixon Studio provides liturgical consulting services to church clients considering a building or renovation project.

Annie Dixon is a Liturgical Design Consultant, verified by the Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space.
Ronald Neill Dixon is an Allied Member of the same Association, which accepts members in both categories through a stringent peer-reviewed process.

Unlike many consultants, Dixon Studio offers the practical along with the theoretical. With complete design and fabrication abilities, and as a licensed contractor, the studio can create as well as consult.

Services Include:

  • Parish Surveys
  • Space & Needs Evaluation
  • Guidance on Compatibility with BLS & GIRM Documents
  • Styling, Concept Renderings, Floorplans, Elevations
  • Architectural Drawing Review
  • Interior Design
  • Presentation Boards
  • Materials Selection
  • Code Compliance, Engineering Review & Stamp
  • Preliminary Budget & Priorities Guidance
  • Design and/or Sourcing of Furnishing, Artwork, Appointments
  • Presentations to Parish/Finance Councils, Diocesan Boards, Local Building Permit Offices
  • Brochures and Bulletin Inserts to Inform and Educate the Parishioners

Dixon Studio offers the expertise, talent, and tools to envision a new liturgical space and to create presentations that will engender emotional and financial support within the parish as well as receive approval from local and diocesan building oversight boards.

Contact the studio to discuss your plans / dreams / wish lists, and how we can help make them a reality!



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