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Church Furnishings


Dixon Studio offers custom and catalog as well as used and new furnishings for your church.

Have your altar and sanctuary furnishings designed to your specifications.
Choose the materials, the style, and size to suit your church interior.

For churches on a tight budget the studio has sourced
the best quality catalog pieces at the best prices.

Looking for something special on a limited budget?
Fine used furnishings are available from other churches.
Ask the studio to check with its network of clients and
clearinghouses to find the pieces that may suit your church.

design for wood and Jerusalem limestone ambo at
San Juan del Rio Church
in Jacksonville, Florida, 2005

at right:
completed ambo, in place
part of a full set of
sanctuary furnishings including
altar, ambo, font, chairs, pedestals


Bishop DiLorenzo venerates the altar
at St. Edward the Confessor Church
in Richmond, Virginia.
Furnishings, reredos, crucifix, and candlestands
by Dixon Studio, 2005.
Photo courtesy Stephen Neill, Catholic Virginian.



Dixon Studio can work in contemporary or traditional styles, designing all furnishings or just one piece.

Custom wood stains, stone and metal accents, and a wide selection of ecclesiastical fabrics ensure unique and appropriate creations for each worship space.



at right:
Presider's Chair
designed to match style of altar
at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church
in Mathews, Virginia, 2007




at left:
pair of Deacon Chairs
designed to match style
of Presider's Chair
at Theological College
in Washington, DC
Gift of Seminarian Class 2006


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