Arthur Dixon

Medieval arts meet the digital age...

We're Luddites; we don't pretend to be tech savvy.
We do pretend to have a young relative who handles all this.
We've named him Arthur Dixon.
He is the official studio webmaster

He has the coolest email:

He also has a personal facebook page.
(Please friend him; he doesn't get out much.)

And he manages our studio facebook page.
Check it out; you might even Like it.

So, who is Arthur?
He's the digital face of Dixon Studio.
Intended to be sort of a Quaker Oats guy for the studio brand.
But, he seems to have turned into more of an Alfred E. Newman...


He's been sending out friend requests on Facebook and seems to be running with the popular crowd.
A monsignor --who befriended him based on his last name and job-- asked Annie if he was her son.
Well... he is the creation of Ron and Annie and he does have red hair (like Ron) and brown eyes (like Annie) and a halo (like both of them!). Ron painted him (years ago) and Annie pulled the painting from the archives (a few months ago) and here he is: a full grown, fully formed, full color collaborative creation of Mr. & Mrs. Dixon!

They're so proud of all the connections he's making and how quickly he's maturing.
Seems like just yesterday he was a blank canvas in his daddy's studio.
And, already last week, he got an email from the vice-president of the bank the studio has worked with for fifteen years.
Dear Arthur...
So much for how the local bank was going to maintain that personal touch when it got bought out.
Hmmm... wonder what Arthur's credit rating is?...
Stay tuned for Arthur's meteoric rise from the marketing department of Dixon Studio to CFO of Dixon Inc.!

Meanwhile, follow him on facebook for news and photos from the studio as well as commentary on an eclectic collection of all things artsy, churchy, Irish, or Virginian --or some combination thereof-- as well as celebrations of all major holidays and a few minor ones.


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