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Coronavirus and the Studio

Dixon Studio is a small business,
open to the public only by event or appointment.

Our small staff has a large facility,
with room for major projects as well as 'social distancing.'

So, as long as we are healthy
and have toilet paper, we are coming to work!

We are making stained glass windows
and restoring statuary as usual.
For the near future, we will consult
via phone and email, rather than travel.
As projects are completed, we will confirm
or reschedule delivery and installation.

And, if we have to work at home,
we have experience and facilities for that as well,
as you can see in the March 14 photo of
Ronald Neill Dixon working on a full size cartoon
for a stained glass window in his home studio.

Please call or email if you have any questions
regarding a current or potential project.

In the meantime, we offer you our updated version
of Padre Pio's advice:

Prayhope, and don't worryWorry is useless.
God is merciful and will hear your prayer.
... but washing your hands would help.

And, as we all try to find some balance
between panic and disbelief,

we are offering some prayers and pictures,
ideas and inspiration, on a special website

to get us through our days of social distance.

Check it out at radiantcircle.us
Or see some excerpts, below.




Prayers & Pictures

Missing Mass?
Watch livestream or archived services here.

Check out the daily readings here.

Pray the rosary at home,
with inspiration from rosarywindows.com
Don't know how? Forgot?
Check out this one-page printable guide.

Can't get to work? Watch us work!
We'll post pictures of our current projects here
or follow us on Facebook.

Check out this powerful photo of
Fr. Thomas Vander Woude, pastor of
Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Va.,
holding the monstrance aloft.
Now there's a radiant circle.

Take that, pestilence and plague!!


Ideas & Inspiration

Hard to transition from social butterfly
to socially distant?

Here are some tips from a cloistered nun.

The Time of the Virus is a short article
on the gift of time to reflect in our isolation.


Accidental Homeschoolers & Perennial Students

Be an armchair tourist with virtual visits to some Great Museums.

Feeling like you're in exile? You're not the only one and this isn't the first time.
Check out Psalms 137 and 19.
Or, listen to these lamentations of the Jewish people, made modern by:
Jorma Kaukonen (our favorite version)
The Melodians (the original Reggae version)
Willie Nelson (because we're in the South, y'all)
Linda Rondstadt (acapella)
The Neville Brothers (harmonious!)

Wikipedia notes that it is one of a few pop songs whose lyrics come directly from the Bible.
Read more about the Psalms and the song here.
The Marvelous Murphy Sisters (Different song; same story. Local talent!)

Send Us Your Favorite Devotions and Distractions!

We're in this together, even if we're all alone...

Share your images and inspiration and we'll make them go viral --in a good way!



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